About Returns/Exchanges

  1. In accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, online shoppers are entitled to a seven-day period (including holidays) from the date of arrival of the goods, the consumer has the right to a period of hesitation, but the period of hesitation is not a trial period, if you have the need to return/exchange goods, please keep the integrity of the product body, gifts, internal and external packaging, invoices, and all the accompanying documents or information, there is any lack of damage, will not be accepted to apply for a refund/exchange.
  2. According to the first proviso of Article 19 of the Consumer Protection Act, except for the return/exchange of defective products, the application of the grace period will be excluded under one of the following circumstances and therefore no return/exchange can be made:
    • It is easy to be spoiled, has a short shelf life or is about to expire when the contract is canceled. Therefore, for food safety and hygiene reasons, we are unable to return/exchange any product that has been unsealed, consumed, or that has been artificially deformed, out-of-temperature, expired, or that has deteriorated due to poor storage.
    • Customized benefits at the request of the consumer.
    • Newspapers, journals or magazines.
    • Audio-visual products or computer software that have been opened by the consumer.
    • Unpacked personal hygiene products.
      (Therefore, we are unable to return/exchange maintenance products or personal hygiene products such as underwear, socks, etc., once they are opened if they are not defective).
    • International air passenger services.
  3. The packaging, its contents, and gifts are all part of the product. If the consumer requests a return/exchange of the product during the hesitation period, Goods Mart will return the remaining price of the product to the consumer after deducting the cost of restoring the product to its original condition according to the degree of incompleteness of the product at the time of the return/exchange (loss, damage, or missing pieces, etc.).
  4. If the amount of pure goods in the order does not reach the free shipping standard due to the return of goods, the logistics fee of the original order will still be deducted when returning the goods for a refund, and the free shipping standard will be based on the free shipping conditions of the goods on this site or the marketing announcement. If there are too many returns/exchanges due to personal factors, we will decide whether to suspend shipment depending on the situation, please forgive us.
  5. If the goods purchased on this site once unpacked can not be restored to its original condition, before you are not sure whether to apply for a refund / exchange, please do not open the package to avoid affecting your rights.


Return/Exchange Policy

  1. Upon receipt of the merchandise, if you find that the merchandise is damaged or incorrect due to the transportation process, please contact our customer service within 24 hours (you can use Line or Facebook messaging) so that we can arrange for the return/exchange of the merchandise. When returning/exchanging the product, please bring along the invoice and keep the package and the product intact. After the product is returned and inspected for defects, we will process the return/exchange as soon as possible.
  2. Please notify us in advance when returning/exchanging goods. If the consumer sends the goods back without prior notification, we will not accept the return and will immediately send the goods back to the consumer, and the consumer will be responsible for the shipping costs incurred during this period.
  3. If any of the items in the return/exchange order has been opened (e.g. the plastic wrap has been torn off or the plastic bag has been opened, the towel or bag has been put under water, or the food item has been eaten with the lid on), the return/exchange cannot be processed.
  4. If there is a discrepancy between the returned/exchanged item and the order, failure to send back all the items (including freebies) of the order properly packaged will affect your right to return/exchange the item.