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Please contact customer service to confirm inventory LINE:gobuy8
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Today, I would like to share with you a special little cigarette, ILIA BOX from ILIA, is a kind of disposable little cigarette, many people may be more curious about disposable little cigarettes what to talk about, we all know that the little cigarette market is really too flooded nowadays, a lot of little cigarettes and pen-shaped e-cigarettes products come out. In fact, this ILIA Leah's disposable cigarette oil is very special, let's take a look at it together.

The second special point is that the ml of cigarette oil is much larger than that of ordinary disposable cigarettes. Like many disposable cigarettes we know, such as HAYAKI and Hibiscus, the ml of tobacco oil may be around 5-7ml, and the number of puffs used is around 2,500 puffs or 1,000 puffs. But this ILIA BOX is different, as you can see from the name, it is 5000 puffs!

I know that many people will be very worried that with such a high number of mouths, it will not be easy to be like the first generation of Xibei. There is no electricity in the main unit, but there is still oil inside. In fact, there is no need to worry.

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Open the box.

Packaging and most of the U.S. oil type is almost the same, square box, in fact, can understand, after all, from the promotional pictures to see the actual machine is also a square appearance, open the package, see the body is actually still relatively stunning, even if you've seen the promotional images on the network, or more like. Overall grip in the hand compared to the pen-shaped small capacity of the cigarette or quite a sense of weight, I still prefer a heavier hand, because it will be more sensory. Okay, without further ado, let's try it out and see.


Trial Sessions

We got our hands on a succulent grape flavor, so the body is also an exclusive grape color, we can be based on the appearance of the body is very good to determine the taste, this design is still quite like. Back to the taste, ILIA Milea this succulent grape, the taste is slightly cool, is comfortable cool, and then the grape flavor is still quite heavy, it can be said that it is very restorative, the feeling of smoking is very smooth, as long as you are a little bit more force will have a sense of satiety, inherited from the previous ILIA Milea's switching atomizer rod, the taste can be said to be and the small smoke oil, which is a very good point. If you continue to smoke in fact, there is still a sense of throat hit, this will also be more to meet the needs of this part of the people, at present in the coolness, sweetness can be given to 4 points, the degree of restoration can be given a full score of 5 points, it is more recommended that you buy a mouthpiece.

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Product Name: ILIA BOX Disposable 5000 Port
Capacity: 11ML
Ohm value: 0.8Ω
Battery capacity: 650mAh
Charging Method: TYPE-C Rechargeable


About 5000 ports

Generally speaking, similar to the Yuet Kuei five generations of a bullet 2ml of tobacco oil is enough for about 300 mouthfuls of the same, but different brands have different definitions of their own products, the standard of small bullets should not be applied to large bullets, due to disposable reasons will be consumed than the ordinary bullets, but this also has to do with the manufacturing process and materials. But this is also related to the manufacturing process and materials. Simply put, ceramic cartridges save more tobacco oil than cotton cartridges, but there is no need to use ceramic cartridges for disposable cigarettes. Therefore, the number of advertised puffs should be based on your personal standards.

There is also a change in flavor, and I've tried other large-volume disposables before.E-cigaretteHowever, there will be a tobacco oil flavor, and even said to smoke to the back of the completely unable to continue, I do not understand is the design of the reason or how, the taste is not as good as the beginning of the feeling of smoking, but the use of 2 weeks of ILIA Mileage this will not be at all, each mouthful is very average, can do this point I still quite like.



This ILIA Mile Asia BOX 5000 mouth is quite heartfelt product, whether it is the design of the packaging, flavor and then to use the end of each link can give surprise, especially this time the succulent grape flavor is really good to smoke er, as a daily ration is more than suitable, in short, it is very worthy of everyone to try to experience!

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