Taiwan Spot Tea Tone Cigarette Oil Electronic Cigarette Oil Pure Tea Experience 40mg Nicotine Salt Concentration Original Genuine 30ml

Discover the unique world of tea flavor with Tea Tone Smoking Oil, a 30ML pack containing 40MG of nicotine salts for a pure tea flavor experience. Indulge in the deep flavor of tea in every puff and enjoy an extraordinary taste journey!

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Please contact customer service to confirm inventory LINE:gobuy8
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The Tea Tone range of tobacco oils invites you to savor the true tea experience. Our 30ML (40MG) Butyl Salt Smoking Oil has been carefully blended for those seeking a unique taste. Each bottle is a crystallization of tea culture and modern smoking, combining the rich aroma of tea with the delicacy of smoke, filling your every inhale with the soul of tea.

From the first drop to the last, our oils deliver a long-lasting, deep tea flavor. This is not only a taste sensation, but also a spiritual cleansing. By choosing Tea Taste, you will experience the perfect blend of the traditional essence of tea and modern e-cigarette technology. Whether it is during a busy work day or a leisurely afternoon, a unique tea flavor journey will start anytime.

Start your taste exploration by choosing Tea Language oils today, and make every smoke an extraordinary journey through tea culture.

Tea Language Cigarette Oil Electronic Cigarette Oil Small Smoke Cigarette Oil Original Genuine 30ml 🎁Taiwan Now!

★ Dayuling High Mountain Tea

 Just the right amount of sweetness without compromising the tea's good flavor, with a cool sensation and a refreshing aroma and flavor, a high level of top quality tea.

★ Sugirinkei High Mountain Tea

 Cold brewed oolong is fresh and crisp, with a slight sweetness that adds layers of flavor to the tea, and with a slightly cool sensation, it leaves a smooth and refreshing taste in the throat.

★ Sun Moon Lake Black Tea

 Taiwan Tea No. 18 Red Jade Black Tea, mellow black tea flavor aroma, with a cool sense of more layers, light flavor Sweet and strong.

★ Cold Peach Oolong

Ice-cold peach aroma, fine alpine oolong mellow aroma, full-bodied in the mouth with a slight coolness.

★ The First Dew of Alishan

Alishan High Mountain Tea with a sweet throat and a unique ratio, pure and elegant tea flavor, accompanied by a sweet and mellow tea flavor.

★ Frozen Kannon

 The flavor is mellow and sweet with a long aftertaste. The Tieguanyin tea aroma is high and persistent, with a hint of mint, giving a high degree of restoration and comfort.

★ Seishin Oolong

With a distinctive rocky flavor, it has an unprecedented lightness and a lingering oolong aroma that spreads out in the mouth.


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