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Hunan Taste King Group Co., Ltd. mainly produces "Taste King", "Hammer Lang Sharp", "Taste Winning World", "Green Fruit Hammer" series of edible green fruit betel nuts and "Wo Cheng World" series of edible betel nuts. The company's products have been appraised as famous brands in Hunan and Hainan Provinces for many years, and "Taste Winning World" and "Hammer Lang Shuangkou" have been appraised as famous trademarks in Hunan Province. The company is also the youth employment and entrepreneurship training base of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, the advanced unit of democratic management of factory openness in Hunan Province, and the member unit of Hunan Provincial Quality and Integrity Commitment Union. The Wanning Houan base in Hainan Province has been awarded as "Provincial Leading Enterprise in Agricultural Industrialization" in Hainan.

Hunan King of Taste Group Limited Company, with the mission of "providing consumers with assured betel nut", independently pioneered the steam drying method of betel nut seeds in the industry, which changed the traditional smoking method and improved the craftsmanship level; the company joined hands with the relevant governmental departments in Hainan to formulate the standardized planting standards of betel nut and set up the betel nut planting demonstration garden, which guaranteed the quality of betel nut at source with a more scientific planting model; leading the healthy development of betel nut industry and striving to become a leading enterprise in the food industry in China. We are leading the healthy development of betel nut industry and striving to be the leading enterprise in the national food industry.

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Please contact customer service to confirm inventory LINE:gobuy8
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Taiwan Wholesale Champagne Nut

Hecheng World is a betel nut brand of Hunan Taste King Group.

Company Profile

After 12 years of rapid development, the enterprise owns five large-scale production bases, such as Yiyang Changchun Industrial Park (where the headquarter is located), Xiangjia dike in Ziyang District, Huangjiahu Industrial Park, Niutanhe Industrial Park in Taojiang and Wanning in Hainan, etc., and the products are sold in more than 30 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) across the country, with thousands of employees and fixed assets of more than 300 million yuan.

Wo Sing World Betel Nut

Product Features

Better Raw Fruit

A good package of betel nut starts with a good fruit. In order to make a good betel nut, Hecheng World selected Hainan after many rounds of selection from a number of raw betel nut production areas. Hainan is recognized as the best place to produce betel nut, especially Wanning, which is known as the "Hometown of Chinese Betel Nut". Every year, Hecheng World selects the best time to buy young betel nut fruits from Wanning according to the most stringent standards. Among the quality betel nuts produced in Wanning in 2017, 70% were purchased by Hecheng World.

Wo Sing World Betel Nut

Healthier Tastes

In 2008, Hechengtian's manufacturer, King of Taste Group, collaborated with the Agricultural Products Processing Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences to create the first ever steam-drying method for raw betel nut seeds, which eliminated the need for smoky products. Today, 80% betel nut products in the industry use this new technology, which is different from the traditional process, and Hechengtian is leading the industry towards health.
After overcoming the difficulties in the production process, Hecheng World has not been sloppy in the taste, after all, the old folks are very picky. Every betel nut that comes to the production workshop of Hecheng World will have to go through 18 "examinations" of refined craftsmanship: from flavor, sous vide to aroma, halogen, etc., as long as one of them fails, it will be out of the game.
In order to preserve the mellow flavor and softness of the betel nut, the raw materials used in the production process are cold-pressed from the plant. The result is a betel nut that retains the strength of the traditional flavor that old-timers love, while distinguishing itself from tobacco betel nut by its healthier color.

Tougher testing

In October 2010, King of Tastes spent tens of millions of dollars to build its own national CNAS-accredited food testing center. From raw material testing, to sampling testing of each process, and finally finished product testing, only betel nuts that pass the heavy testing are sent to retail outlets in various cities.

Wo Sing World Betel Nut


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